Chocolate Butternut & Choco Wacko Donuts

That’s right. The time you’ve all been waiting (and asking) for has arrived! We’re launching Chocolate Butternut and Choco Wacko nationally (you can stop messaging us now).
These donuts are *so popular* internationally. Top sellers in the Philippines, selling millions every year. When we launched them in London, we couldn’t keep them in stock. They were flying off the shelves! Well, now it’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about.
They’re available at our 28 stores, but also available through our web shop for national delivery… What’s more, you can get 20% off at our web shop this week only (24th May – 2nd June)!
The Chocolate Butternut is a glazed cake ring donut coated in a biscuit crumb. The Choco Wacko is a cake ring donut covered in Chocolate Icing. Both are *delicious*.
If you were looking for a sign to get some for yourself THIS IS IT! What’re you waiting for?


Details correct as of date of publishing: 24/5/24