When our Strawberry Cheesecake Iced Latte launched in 2023, we didn’t expect it to be our best selling limited time drink ever. Sure it’s delicious… Sure it tastes like summer in a cup… Sure it’s perfect for those chilled out hot summer days… Hang on? Why didn’t we expect it to be a best seller? IT’S PERFECT FOR SUMMER!
 So, what have we gone and done this year? We’ve only gone and brought it back, haven’t we?! Not only have we brought it back – we’ve invited some friends to the party. Introducing the Cherry Cheesecake Iced Latte AND the Mango Cheesecake Iced Latte. Yes.  

But hold on, THERE’S MORE. Not only do we have these three refreshing chilled out drinks, bursting with summer vibes – we’ve also got three Cheesecake Donuts.
Our Strawberry Cheesecake donut is filled with creamy cheesecake, topped with strawberry icing, strawberry pieces, biscuit crumb, and a delightful vanilla drizzle.
Maybe lemon is more your bag? Say no more.. For you, we have the Lemon Meringue Cheesecake donut, featuring a cheesecake filling, lemon icing, meringue pieces, and a sweet vanilla drizzle.
Or how about the Caramel Crunch Cheesecake donut? packed with cheesecake filling, caramel icing, speculoos crumb, chocolate crunchy pieces, and a rich chocolate drizzle.
Can’t decide which one to get first? Don’t worry, we sell them in a 3 box (and a 6 box... and a 12 box… and a 24 box) because when it’s hot outside, who wants to make hard decisions like which donut to buy?
Want more? Well okay then… To celebrate National Donut Day do we have the offer for you! You can get a free Cheesecake Donut when you buy a Cheesecake Iced Latte. The offer is only valid in one of our 28 stores nationwide, and only for 7th June 2024 – so you’ll have to be quick!
Want even more? Well, no. That’s quite enough for today.
Information correct at date of publishing: 3/6/24